Evernote TrueCrypt Launcher will mount your Encrypted TrueCrypt Volume containing your Evernote® Databse and then will Launch your Evernote file for you.

In a couple of steps you can have your entire Evernote® database encrypted on you PC.

Download Evernote TrueCrypt Launcher



  1. Create an encrypted volume using TrueCrypt.
  2. Mount the volume in TrueCrypt.
  3. Open Evernote® and change the database location to the mounted drive. Sync and then close Evernote.
  4. Unmount the TrueCrypt Volume.
  5. Install Evernote TrueCrypt Launcher
  6. Open Setting of Evernote TrueCrypt Launcher and fill in the appropriate settings.
  7. Your done. Now you can mount your TrueCrypt Volume and Launch Evernote with a single keyboard command.

Tutorial: Install and Setting up Evernote TC

How to secure Evernote Database.

EvernoteTC Youtube

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