Evernote TrueCrypt Launcher will mount your Encrypted TrueCrypt Volume containing your Evernote® Databse and then will Launch your Evernote file for you.

In a couple of steps you can have your entire Evernote® database encrypted on you PC.

Simple Security Script (SSS) was designed to aid with security in today's digital world. The purpose of SSS is to make it simple and easy to use encrypted containers created with TrueCrypt.

Simple Security Script allows you to Mount and run files inside a TrueCrypt Volume with ease. Simple Security Script automates Mounting and unmounting of TrueCrypt Drives.

Simple Security Script is designed to help make security more Portable and easy to use. If its easy we will do it and best of all its FREE.

RD Launch is a simple Application Launcher that has launching from Portable Devices in mind. RD Launch can however launch from a local hard drive as well.

When you are using a portable device such as a USB Drive you can not create a shortcut on te device that lauches your portable device applications. The reason for this is any shortcut you create will be invalid when you portable device drive letter changes thus invalidating you shortcut.

This is where RD Launch comes in.


Various Security related software